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Research offers patients and their families hope. This is particularly true for patients with lung disease. There are very few cures, not nearly enough therapies that extend lives or ease symptoms for patients with lung disease, and too few effective therapies that come without significant side effects. The stories of these patients, and so many others, are a powerful reminder of why we can’t afford to lose young investigators.

Maki Inada

“If it weren’t for the research of doctors… I don’t think I would still be here today,”
– Maki Inada, Lung Cancer Activist

Jen Eisenmann

“I don’t take lot of time feeling sorry for myself,” she says simply. “I just want to get up and get out there and live.” – Jen Eisenmann, Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Mary Kitlowski

"Yes, if you need supplemental oxygen, life is harder," she says. "But if you really want to do something, you should find a way to do it, even if you need to modify things a bit."
 – Mary Kitlowski, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) Patient

Trina Massey Davis

“Sarcoidosis is like a medical secret,” she says. “Through research, we can figure out what causes it and advance from there.” – Trina Massey Davis, Sarcoidosis Patient-Advocate


“We need research to find medications that stop the progression of pulmonary fibrosis and research to find a cure,” she says. “Patients need hope and research is hope. I want to know that the next generation of patients can survive.” – Heather Snyder, Pulmonary Fibrosis Advocate


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