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Letter of Intent (LOI) Instructions

Important Notes

LOI Deadline Monday, Sept 11, 2023

Applicants are strongly advised to read through the instructions below and eligibility criteria before starting an application.
Letters of Intent (LOI) are available on the Foundant Technologies Website.
Questions on the LOI populate based on previous responses.

Administrative Review

Please note that after you submit your application it will be reviewed by ATS Research Program staff. If there are any problems or if these guidelines have not been followed, your proposal will be un-submitted. Please make sure that you check your email after you submit your application so that any outstanding issues may be addressed as quickly as possible.

Accessing the Application

All letter of intent and full application forms are available on the Foundant Technologies Website

Questions on the LOI populate based on previous responses. 

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility may vary by award type, please carefully review the grant opportunities page. Select the grant to which you wish to apply to see grant-specific eligibility. You will find eligibility criteria applicable to all ATS grants on the eligibility criteria page.

If you believe that you have a special circumstance in regards to eligibility (e.g. Being beyond 12 years from your degree but took time off for parental leave or military service), please send a brief statement explaining your situation to before proceeding with the letter of intent. 

Multiple Submissions

Applicants may submit multiple scientifically distinct letter of intent (LOI) applications, but ATS will extend at most one invitation to submit a full grant application to each applicant. We recommend you limit your number of submissions to focus on one quality, well-prepared grant proposal.

You may not submit the same application to multiple categories. In choosing a category for your submission, please review the criteria for each award and pick the category most appropriate to your budget and timeline. If you are eligible for a targeted grant that is appropriate to your budget, we recommend you apply to that category over the unrestricted grants which receive the majority of applications.

Letter of Intent Instructions

You may view the answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ


To be eligible you must have:

  • completed primary research training (PhD or sub-specialty fellowship training) by September 1, 2023
  • have a firm commitment from your home institution for a faculty position by the time the award is disbursed (May 2024)

Occasionally grants will also allow investigators in postdoctoral fellowship (such as the Nursing Grant). In these cases, in place of the certification of faculty employment investigators should upload a signed letter from their institution on official letterhead stating that you are a postdoctoral fellow in good standing. 

Please complete and upload the Certification of Faculty Employment: Click here

GRANT FUNDING (5,000 character limit)

ONLY list grants for which you are the Principal Investigator (PI) (5,000 character limit). Please provide the following information for each grant: 

  • Grant Title
  • Funding Agency
  • Direct Costs (per year)
  • Grant Period
  • Your Role (and mentor if applicable)
  • Your Percent Effort

Title: Indoor Air Pollution in Ghana
Agency: American Thoracic Society (ATS)
Direct Costs: $40,000/year
Grant Period: 12/15/2018 – 12/15/2019
Role: PI (Mentor Dr. John Smith)
Effort: 50%



BIOSKETCHES (5 page limit)

Please note that you MUST observe the limits indicated in the biosketch template (e.g. biosketches may not exceed 5 pages). Applications with biosketches that do not meet the requirements will be un-submitted. The applicant is required to upload their biosketch and has the opportunity to submit biosketches for a mentor and two co-investigators. Biosketch templates should be downloaded by clicking here.


Please a) list the key personnel on your project b) list each of their roles on the project (mentor, consultant, research technician, etc.) c) approximate the total percentage of total effort* that the person will contribute to the project.

*Total effort may be defined by percent of participation on the project, percent of salary support, or a combination of both. Make sure that you are clearly stating how you are defining total effort.

If you have more than 3 key personnel working on your project, under "Additional Personnel" please attach one file that lists the relevant information for each additional person (name, role, e-mail, percent effort, and a biosketch if this individual is a co-investigator).

HYPOTHESIS (1,500 character limit)

State the major problem to be addressed and the overall hypothesis.

PLANNED SPECIFIC AIMS (1,500 character limit)

Detail the planned specific aims for your proposal. These may be modified in the final application.

EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH (3,500 character limit)

Outline the overall experimental approach by specific aims.

LAY SUMMARY (1,500 character limit)

Provide a brief lay summary of your application. Please specify how your proposal may lead to improvements in patient outcomes.

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