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2022 Honor Roll


Donors whose names are shown in bold are members of the 1905 Circle.

$25,000 or more

Lynn Schnapp, MD, ATSF

$10,000 or more

A. Sonia Buist, MD, ATSF
Francis Family Foundation
Alison Morris, MD, MS
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF
Jesse Roman, MD, ATSF
John Hansen-Flaschen, MD, ATSF

$5,000 - $9,999

Mark Brantly, MD
Jack Harkema, DVM, PhD, ATSF
Nizar Jarjour, MD, CPE, ATSF
Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD, ATSF
Janet Lee, MD, ATSF
Michele Manion
Benjamin Medoff, MD
National Board for Respiratory Care
Sharon Rounds, MD, ATSF

$2,500 - $4,999

William Busse, MD, FAAAAI, ATSF and Judith Busse
Karen Collishaw, MPP, CAE
Arthur Gelb, MD, ATSF
Nicholas Hill, MD and Sophia Hill, MD
Richard Matthay, MD
Theodore Reiss, MD, MBE, ATSF and Sue Gregory
Robert Tighe, MD, ATSF
Eric White, MD, MS, FCCP, ATSF

$1,000 - $2,499

Micheala Aldred, PhD, ATSF
Donna Appell, RN
Andrea Apter MD, MA, MSc, ATSF and Harry Chen
J. Steven Arnold, MD
David Au, MD, MS, ATSF
M. Safwan Badr, MD, MBA
James Beck, MD, ATSF
Courtney Broaddus, MD
John Christman, MD, ATSF
Judy Corn
Jeffrey Curtis, MD, ATSF
J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH
Claire Doerschuk, MD
The Drazen Family Foundation
Jeffrey Glassroth, MD
Robert Hyzy, MD, ATSF
James Klinger, MD, ATSF
Ted and Grace Anne Koppel
Gerald Loughlin, MSci
Susanna McColley, MD, ATSF
Marc Moss, MD, ATSF
Samya Nasr, MD, ATSF
Linda Nici, MD
Lawrence Nogee, MD
Robert Paine III, MD
Howard Panitch, MD
David and Sandra Polster
Y.S. Prakash, MD, PhD
Susan Redline, MD, MPH
Andrew Ries, MD, MPH
Carolyn Rochester, MD
Thomas Siler, MD
Dean and Mary Schraufnagel
Michelle Turenne
William Vollmer, PhD
Lorraine Ware, MD, ATSF
Carolyn Welsh, MD, ATSF
Mark Wewers, MD

$500 - $999

William Bailey, MD
Thomas Bleck, MD, ATSF
Zea Borok, MBChB, ATSF
Juan Celedón, MD, DrPH, ATSF
David Gozal, MD, MBA ATSF
John Heffner, MD
Laurence Huang, MD, FCCP, ATSF
Geoffrey Kurland, MD, ATSF
David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD, ATSF
Janet Mauer
Shane McDermott
Richard Murray, MD
Perry Nystrom, MD
David Schwartz, MD, MPH
Chang Shim, MD
Gwen Skloot, MD, ATSF
Paul Stillwell, MD

Gifts in Memory

In Memory of Mr. Dwayne Chapman
Elizabeth Guzman

In Memory of Claudio F. Donner
Ted and Grace Anne Koppel
Carolyn Rochester

In Memory of Mr. Dennis Reese
Maria L. Johnson, MD

In Memory of Robert Simmons
Ryan Schultz

In Memory of Anne Picciano
Fiona See

In Memory of C. Reddington Barrett, Jr.
Charlie Barrett
John and Leigh Cancellieri
Amy Danielowich
Robert Engel
Emily and Frank Hunnewell
Susan Harrison
Thomas Loewald
Ben and Rachel Marino
Lucy Paniszyn
Charles Staples
Julie Stewart-Wilson
Stewart and Kathleen Taylor

In Memory of Francine Comi
Stephen and Jackie Altobelli
Antonio Anzuetto
Doron Ben-Avraham
Sidney Braman
Steven Brody
Zea Borok
Roberto Carbone
Chelsea and Charles Cerillo
Linda Chlan
Karen Collishaw, MPP, CAE
Judy Corn
Jeffrey Glassroth
Michelle Gong
David Gozal
Elizabeth Guzman
Andrew Halayko, PhD, MSc, ATSF
Jess Mandel
Lea Ann Matura
Shane McDermott
Stacy McManus
Joel Moss, MD, PhD, ATSF
Graham and Keyth Nelan
Polly Parsons, MD, ATSF
Elizabeth Redente
Jeremy Richards
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF
Sharon Rounds
Neomi Shah
Carrie Smith, CAE
Jennifer Taylor-Cousar
Michelle Turenne
Lorraine Ware
Sally Wenzel
Eric White
Rory Williams

In Memory of Evelyn Jodi Davis
Judie Boothe
Larry Davis
Connie and Dwight Marchbanks
Marci van der Meulen

In Memory of Karen Frazer
Mark Brantly, MD

In Memory of Don Hayes, Sr.
Don Hayes, MD, MS, Med. ATSF

In Memory of Dr. Robert Mellins
Meyer Kattan, MD

In Memory of John F. Murray, MD
Laurence Huang, MD, FCCP, ATSF
Diane Johnson (Murray)

In Memory of Solbert Permutt, MD
Gwen Skloot, MD, ATSF

In Memory of Jose Quintas
Carmen Quintas

In Memory of Helen and Stanley Schnapp
Lynn Schnapp, MD, ATSF

In Memory of Michael Traynor
Annie Jones
Robert Kirschner and the
Maintenance Department at St. Christopher’s

In Memory of Herman Windt
Mark Windt, MD

Gifts in Honor

In Honor of Juan Celedón, MD, DrPH, ATSF
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF

In Honor of CT Surgery Doctors
Anne Weisenberg

In Honor of My Mentor Daniel Culver, DO
Divya Patel, DO, MBA, ATSF

In Honor of J. Randall Curtis, MD, ATSF
William Bender, MD, MPH
Jeannette Zinggeler Berg, MD, PhD, MPH
Martha Billings, MD, MSc
Thomas Bleck, MD, ATSF
Anna Brady, MD
Mary Beth Brown, PT, PhD
Peter Chen, MD
Karen Collishaw, MPP, CAE
Colin Cooke, MD
Sonye Danoff, MD, PhD, ATSF
Timothy Dempsey, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Dzeng, MD, PhD, MPH
Ruth Engelberg, PhD
Glenda Flemister, MD
Wanda Gibson-Scipio, PhD, FNP-BC, ATSF
Robin Gross, MD
Bianca Harris, MD, MS
John Heffner, MD
Juan Herena, MD
Kathleen Horan, MD
David Hotchkin, MD, MSc
Megan Hosey, PhD
David Hwang, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Sarah Jolley, MD
Naftali Kaminski, MD, ATSF
Christian Lamb, MD
Paul Lanken, MD, MSCE, ATSF
Andrew Luks, MD
Atul Malhotra, MD, ATSF
Emilio Mazza, PhD
Shane McDermott
Matthew Modes, MD, MS
Than Neville, MD
Paul Noble, MD
Tanyalak Parimon, MD
Ithan Peltan, MD, MSc
Luis Pena-Hernandez, MD
Irina Petrache, MD, ATSF
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF
Carolyn Rochester, MD
Sharon Rounds, MD, ATSF
Kristina Rudd, MD, MPH
Seelwan Sathitratanacheewin, MD
Ann Schraufnagel, MD, MMPH
Dean Schraufnagel, MD, PhD and Mary Schraufnagel
Norma Jean Schwab
Kailash Sharma, MD
Mark Siegel, MD
Benjamin Singer, MD, ATSF
Daniel Sterman, MD, ATSF
Michelle Turenne
Lori Vega
Tisha Wang, MD, ATSF
Timothy Watkins, MD, MS and Lisa Watkins
Matthew Wemple, MD
Renda Soylemez Wiener, MD, MPH, ATSF
Elizabeth Wilcox, MD, PhD, FRCPC

In Honor of Joe “Skip” Garcia
Juan Celedón, MD, DrPH, ATSF

In Honor of Patricia George
Irina Petrache, MD, ATSF

In Honor of Mark and Tammy (Shields) Gladwin
Michael and Cynthia Donahoe

In Honor of My Mentor Dr. Peter Henson
Gregory Downey, MD, ATSF

In Honor of My Mentor James C. Hogg, MD, PhD
Claire Doerschuk, MD

In Honor of My Mentor Philip Hopewell, MD
Courtney Broaddus, MD

In Honor of Philip Hopewell, MD
Michael Jackson
William McKleroy
Anthony Suffredini
Mary Elizaebeth Hernandez
Lisa Chen
James Brown
John Hansen-Flaschen
Rachel Thomson
Madhukar Pai
Lewis Lehman
Courtney Broaddus
Kristina Rudd
Charles Daley
Perry Nystrom
Theodore Reiss, MD, MBE, ATSF
Frances Ogasawara

In Honor of Lynn Schnapp, MD, ATSF
M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF
Angela Wang, MD

In Honor of Benjamin Singer, MD, ATSF
Ann Singer

In Honor of My Mentor Dr. Gordon Snider
John T. Bowers, III, MD

In Honor of My Mentor Dr. Peter Weller
Praveen Akuthota, MD, ATSF

In Honor of Mark Wewers, MD
Elliott Crouser, MD

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