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Meet John Hansen-Flaschen

John Hansen-Flaschen, MD
John Hansen-Flaschen, MD, ATSF

Inspired by his own fellowship training, John Hansen-Flaschen, MD, increased his giving in support of early-career investigators when the Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary last year.

“The ATS Foundation provides a wonderful way to pay back for my fellowship training experience by investing in the early-career development of people carefully selected for their promise by the ATS,” says Dr. Hansen-Flaschen.

A longtime American Thoracic Society member, Dr. Hansen-Flaschen chooses the Foundation due to the talent and dedication of ATS’s pulmonary-critical care clinicians and scientists.

“I have confidence in the quality of the people who apply for those training grants, and I have confidence in the selection process,” says Dr. Hansen-Flaschen. “The money I give is highly likely to be instrumental in launching the careers of future leaders.”

John Hansen-Flaschen, MD, is the medical director of Penn Medicine’s Harron Lung Center, editor of the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, and an avid photographer.

Dr. Hansen-Flaschen and his wife Susan have been married for forty-one years. He was born John Flaschen and she Susan Hansen. Their combined family name prompts many people to ask if he is European nobility. “If people want to think of Hansen-Flaschen as derived from European nobles, I won’t object,” Dr. Hansen-Flaschen notes with a laugh.

Thank you, Dr. Hansen-Flaschen, for your generosity!

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