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ATS/GSK Research Grant in COVID-19

Anticipated Timeline

May 11, 2020 Applications accepted through Foundant Technologies
June 23, 2020 Deadline for Full Application due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time
August 2020 Grantee Notification

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ATS/GSK Research Grant in COVID-19

2 grants available
$50,000 for 1 year

Target audience:
Assistant Professors conducting research directly related to COVID-19

The focus of this research grant is proposals that have a high likelihood to advance the understanding of the pathobiology and clinical implications of COVID-19. Applications should address the following types of clinical, basic, translational, and population health questions:

  • Increased understanding of the basic biology of respiratory viruses that could lead to better treatment and prevention of COVID-19
  • Understanding host factors that alter response to respiratory viral infections
  • Understanding individual, regional, or social factors impacting community spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses
  • Epidemiological approaches to understanding the spread of SARS-CoV2 and other respiratory viruses

Applicants may request up to $50,000 for one year for salaries, supplies, or a combination of these two. A one-year no-cost extension may be requested following the end of the project period. Indirect costs will not be paid to the sponsoring institution. Open to international and US applicants. 

Award-specific eligibility: 
• Assistant Professor or equivalent
• Must meet eligibility requirements for all ATS grants found here


Fully funded by GlaxoSmithKline. Please visit for more information about our partner.


Research Plan Instructions

The Research Plan must be no longer than 4 pages with margins at .75 (right and left), .50 (top and bottom), using Arial size 11 font with no less than single-line spacing. Applications with research plans that do not meet the requirements will be un-submitted.

The Research Plan should include sufficient information needed for evaluation of the project. The format for preparing this section is provided below. Be specific, informative, and avoid redundancies.

What do you intend to do?

State the problem concisely and describe the specific aims of the research proposal. What is the hypothesis you will test? What is the experimental paradigm?

How are you going to do the work?

Describe the research design and methods that you will use in the proposed studies. Organize this section by the specific aims of the research proposal. Include how the data will be collected, and analyzed, and describe potential problems or limitations. Published or commonly used methods do not need to be described in detail. This section must be written so that reviewers can evaluate the scientific questions, the experimental design, and the likelihood that the experiments will produce interpretable results. Include a tentative timetable showing how you will prioritize the work. Clearly identify collaborations with other investigators at the same or other institutions.

Review Process

Please note that after you submit your application it will be reviewed by Research Program staff. If there are any problems or if these guidelines have not been followed, your proposal will be un-submitted. Please make sure that you check your email after you submit your application so that any outstanding issues may be addressed as quickly as possible.

The ATS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will review the applications in July 2020. The membership of the SAC is listed on the ATS Website and additional ad hoc reviewers will be invited to participate as needed. Funding decisions will be made on the basis of scientific merit, novelty, and responsiveness to the purpose of the specific grant program.

ATS Policy on Additional Grant Funding

Simultaneous submission of grants with scientific overlap is allowed, but if multiple applications are funded, then the applicant must notify the Research Program within one month of formal notification of award. A subcommittee of the SAC will assess the degree of overlap. In the case of significant scientific overlap, the applicant will have to choose between the ATS research grant and the other grant. Budgetary overlap is not allowed.

If your question is not answered in the FAQ, contact the ATS Research Program at

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