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Other Giving Opportunities

  • Where It Is Needed Most

    Donations support the overall mission and initiatives of the American Thoracic Society, which in these critical times include the Society’s all-encompassing efforts to fight COVID-19, by allowing us to use the funds wherever they will help most. Make a gift to where it is needed most today.

  • ATS Assembly Programs

    Donations support programmatic activities planned by the Assemblies executive committees. Use of contributions can vary by Assembly but may be used for such programmatic activities as: Assembly Dinners and Receptions, Assembly Membership Meetings, and Early Career Professionals Networking Opportunities. Make a gift to your Assembly Program.

  • ATS Assembly Awards and Scholarships

    Donations support ATS Assembly awards and scholarships in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Make a gift to your Assembly Awards and Scholarships.

  • Health Equity & Diversity Fund

    Donations support programmatic activities and initiatives throughout the ATS organization related to promoting health equity and inclusion, including expanding our ATS Diversity Fellowships, funding research in at-risk communities, and establishing a partnerships to increase the number of clinicians, researchers and scientists who are persons of color with support from the ATS Health Equality and Diversity Committee. Make a gift to the ATS Health Equity and Diversity Fund.

  • Philip Hopewell Prize for Global Respiratory Health Research

    In 2019, we launched the newest global research award in recognition of Dr. Philip Hopewell, and his years of service to the patient and medical research community worldwide. Starting in 2020, and for the next decade, early-career investigators with limited resources from developing countries will be recognized for their published research in a peer-reviewed journal. The distinction of this monetary prize of $10,000 from the ATS will not only sustain the research of these investigators but propel their careers in the medical research community. The ultimate goal is to build capacity where it is needed most − to provide medical care and treatment for those in need worldwide. Make a gift to the Philip Hopewell Prize for Global Respiratory Health Research.

  • Methods in Epidemiologic, Clinical, and Operations Research (MECOR)

    The American Thoracic Society (ATS) Methods in Epidemiologic, Clinical, and Operations Research (MECOR) Program is a multi-level research methods training course intended for clinicians, investigators, academicians, and public health professionals who primarily work with pulmonary diseases. The objective of the MECOR Program is to prepare current or aspiring investigators, academicians, clinicians and public health practitioners to design and conduct research that is relevant to the needs of the settings in which they work. The overall goal of the MECOR Program is to aid the improvement of global lung health through the development of local, country, and regional lung disease research capacity in low and middle-income countries. Make a gift to MECOR.

  • Medical Education Research

    Medical Education Research reflects the ATS Board of Directors’ commitment to developing outstanding ATS educators across the respiratory spectrum. The program will design, implement, and evaluate novel educational approaches for training medical residents, fellows, and junior faculty for generations to come. Make a gift to Medical Education Research.

  • Ziskind Clinical Research Scholar Award

    In honor of Morton Ziskind, MD, a highly respected clinician-researcher from Tulane University who was renowned for bringing his fellows to the ATS International Conferences and exposing them to memorable learning experiences, the Ziskind Clinical Research Scholar Award recognizes his inspiring mentoring practices with a one-time $500 award to an outstanding Fellow. Make a gift to the Ziskind Clinical Research Scholar Award.

The American Thoracic Society improves global health by advancing research, patient care, and public health in pulmonary disease, critical illness, and sleep disorders. Founded in 1905 to combat TB, the ATS has grown to tackle asthma, COPD, lung cancer, sepsis, acute respiratory distress, and sleep apnea, among other diseases.

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